All I Need Is Love - CeeLo Green Feat. The Muppets

CeeLo Green is terrible, that's common knowledge, but now I'm starting to believe he is also a terrible person.

I give him credit for one thing though: he is one hell of a capitalist. The way he managed to become famous from a terrible song, produce complete shit and get progressively worse as time ticks on, yet he still manages to makes millions. It's quite inspirational, really.

And don't worry kids, speaking of capitalism and being a terrible person, you can purchase his new Christmas album on iTunes

My Teenage Dream Ended - Farrah Abraham

She's still at it. She really needs to abort her dreams of being a musician. She hides her voice so heavily with effects it's obvious she knows she can't sing.......somehow that makes it worse. I feel bad for Sophia. Her chances of growing up normal are pretty well nil, secondary only to those toddlers in tiaras girls. Speaking of which, the song's called "My Teenage Dream Ended" and the central subject for the video is her daughter. Was that on purpose or is it some kind of Freudian slip?

Sexy Party - Octomom, Nadya Suleman

The Octomom: she started as an abomination of science, to a reality star, to porn star and now she's giving a musical career a go. I remember a time when porn was rock bottom, guess now it's dance music. I can't believe the government hasn't taken her kids yet.

Higher - Heidi Montag

Come on Heidi, did you really think we wouldn't hear the auto-tune? Unless you're a stripper, bikini model or professional arm candy, if you consider a boob job to enhance your career, you've got a problem. And for the record, plastic surgery is NEVER a good idea.....especially when one doesn't know when to stop; take Joan Rivers as an example. Furthermore, I couldn't imagine how horrific a women's O-face would look while shot full of botox.

I'm A Celebrity - Spencer Pratt

I'm not the kind of guy who disparages how another makes his money but Spencer Pratt is an exception. If you want to hate someone for making a living out of being a total douche bag you don't need to go any further than him. I never watched a single episode of any of the brain dead shows he was on so I don't have any point of reference on why I should dislike him, yet I still do. There's something about him. He has that kind of face even Gandhi would want to punch.