Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom - Farrah Abraham

Another completely useless and talentless fake celebrity who wants to branch out into music. It's getting really old at this point. Watching these wannabe starlets breaking into a musical career is like watching a bird fly into a window over and over again, never figuring it out until it falls dead of a broken neck. It's funny at first, then it becomes pretty sad but now it's just annoying.

I never understood the show Teen Mom. 1. Why would any self-respecting parent allow their teenager be exploited, putting their family's dirty laundry on national TV? and 2. Culturally speaking, how can this crap be good for anyone? It's both depravity and voyeurism......but surely, again, I'm stating the obvious. No one is learning anything other than how dumb our youth is becoming. There are girls actually getting knocked up so they can be on Teen Mom. 

We have a real problem with faux-celebritism in this country; it's like some people believe it's a constitutional right to be famous and on national TV. I don't know, maybe they're right: the only prerequisite being the total lack of good judgment, no sense of dignity or, for the very least, a public display of absolute, unexplainable stupidity. Above anything else, modern MTV pop-culture is a strong argument for home-schooling.

Shake Your SENSA Diet TV Advert

How is this legal? Yeah, I'll sprinkle some Sensa on top my steady diet of hamburgers, cakes and pig lard and watch the weight melt off. Bollocks to a healthy diet and exercise! That's for losers! 

This is why our country is so fat. It takes a special combination of stupid, desperate and lazy to sell this crap. And amazingly, I bet it sells like gangbusters.

The Lurch - Ted Cassidy

Of course everyone's heard of the Addams Family but how many people knew Lurch had his own dance? Out of everyone why Lurch? Gomez is known to be a bit of a dancer; he loved doing the Tango with Morticia. Guess they were too good to take part in a variety hour.

Mary J. Blige Burger King Chicken Wrap Commercial

I heard about this "racist" commercial including Mary J Blige singing about a chicken rap. I was expecting to see something stupid and, what do you know, I wasn't disappointed. What a stupid commercial. But racist? Let me get this straight: You're trying to tell me just because she's black she's not allowed to advertise a chicken wrap? And Burger King are the one's being racist? STFU!

You want to see something racist? Do you really want something to send Al Sharpton after? 
Here's you go!

Elizabeth Song - Terrible Tudors

Children's music really is the worst. The British monarchy is the worst. Why anyone would combine the two is beyond me. But then again I am an American.