Money Can't Buy You Class - Countess LuAnn

Indeed. Money can't buy you class. Who would know that better than Countess Luann? Money can buy you auto-tune though. But neither money nor auto-tune help you from sounding like a transvestite.

Real Close - Danielle Staub (Real Housewives of New Jersey)

When I think of class, I think of New Jersey. And when I think of talent, I think of middle-aged, botox filled, plastic sealed housewives who, as a last ditch effort, make a vain attempt at regaining their youth by awkwardly gyrating on an obscure local morning show.

So, of course not! There's nothing at all about this one could consider "painful" or "suicide inducing".

Steven Tyler Performing the National Anthem

The net is buzzing about this abortion of the national anthem. Given the tired screams and flat tone of an aging rock star, no wonder there were so many cries and moans of pain in the crowed.