Gangsta Toy Story Rap Yo!

Leo Howard & G. Hannelius (Leo Little's Big Show) - Toy Story Rap

Like how I find many earbleeds, the TV in the front room was ghost DVRing stuff. There is a new version out either today or yesterday of this rap that was done to a higher production quality. The newer version has new lyrics which includes some multilingual stuff mixed in so when I find a production-worthy version (I really need to get a new USB to RCA video card) I'll post it as a new earbleed. As for now, enjoy this little treat.

Oliver Jewelry Commercial

We all need that one friend who is never afraid to let us know when we look like an ass. Luckily for me, I got married and my wife loves calling me out.

Japanese Energy Drink Commercial

Children in Japan must have an incredibly short attention span. Is every commercial in Japan like a video game? But anyway, I guess Chirumiru is Japanese for Meth.

Snuggie + The Macarena = Fail!

This commercial has been out for a couple months now and like most everyone I would go running for the mute button every time it comes on; this and that "I have to reuse my old catheters" commercial....Uuh, that one always comes on while I'm trying to eat.

The Snuggie as a product itself questions our intelligence to begin with but combining it with The Macarena? I hope this company goes bankrupt. Honestly, does anyone besides the morbidly obese actually have and use a snuggie? Pretty much everyone I've talk too who had one got it as a Christmas/Birthday gift and it has never came out of the box. I remember going to Wal-Mart after Christmas seeing a large pile of Snuggies at the refund/returns department.

The Home of The Free

Well, I give him an A for effort. Something tells me he's walking with a copy of the lyrics in his wallet at all times for now on.