I'll Never Let You Go - Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav has come a long way since his Public Enemy days. It's really sad when you think about it. How a man can fall from something as epic as Fight The Power to this cheesy, whinny auto-tuned train wreck borders on depressing.

Stars are Blind - Paris Hilton

When you think of reggae who do you think of? Bob Marley? Ziggy? Jimmy Cliff? What about the classics like New Breed, Third World, Culture, or the great Gregory Isaacs? Me too.

Now we got the obvious ones out of the way, what about Paris Hilton? Uuh, I just tasted my cheeseburger again....

Katy Perry's Cover of Niggas in Paris

It now seems like Katy is actively trying to fail in every possible way she can. Katy is indeed the average white girl. She's just like these girls who buy a Nikon D-class and all of a sudden they believe they're professional photographers..... You know, taking pictures of a few bowls of fruit and flowers with shadowy lighting. You support her only because of the hope it would result in her taking a few photos you would actually give a damn about, if you know what I mean. But I'm getting sidetracked....

Katy, just because you put on a Yankees hat and you're holding a bling'd out mic, that doesn't make you a rapper. Sorry.

The Linda Finkle Hall of Fame

Back around '05 to '06, for my birthday my wife gifted me my very first iPod and back then podcasts was the next new thing. I checked out many podcasts like Nobody Likes Onions, Keith and the Girl and Red Bar Radio. There was one podcast that I found which was different from all of those; that podcast, which is hosted by Tim Henson called the Distorted View Daily. The best way to describe Tim's podcast is as the audio version of fetish pornography. His show is best known for featuring the most disgusting, most disturbing audio the Internet affords us.

One really has to have a strong stomach to even attempt to listen to his show but if you can manage handle stuff like the dick hole guy and "chicken nugget!" you'll be rewarded with amazing features like his Linda Finkle Hall of Fame. The Linda Finkle Hall of fame is a bit Tim has come up with to feature the worst music his listeners could conjure up.

For the past few years, before I started this website, I quit listening to DV; I become less interested in podcasts and DV became too much for me to handle. I've recently started following his show again and was reminded of Linda Finkle.

My Boy Lollypop - DJ Zitkus

This perhaps is the most annoying thing I've heard in a long while. DJ Zitkus really went out of his way, put a lot of effort into producing such a large pile of rubbish. He's the musical equivalent to the people in the show Hoarders. In other words, pretentious Eurotrash must gobbling it up with a spoon!