I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

I have to completely agree with Katy on this one. I too kissed a girl and I too liked it. I remember when this song came out, a lot of mothers were pissed and a lot of fathers were turned on.

Sorry You're Not A Winner - Enter Shikari

This is what you get when kids from the suburbs living in the basement of their upper-middle class family's home watch one too many Sex Pistols and Korn videos on YouTube.

Gantz Graf - Autechre

I suppose if the DJ put's on this song in a Euro Disco, it'd take a lot of ecstasy to dance to it.

There's a lot of strange stuff that's come out of Europe but this is simply a non-sequitur. In the 80's I would have dreams like this after playing hours upon hours of Atari with my brother. I suppose they got the idea for this song when they were troubleshooting a grounding issue in their equipment.

Country Grammar - Nelly

In my opinion, this take of country life isn't that much better than Ms. Peachez. In fact, I hear a similarity. Take whatever social commentary you wish. To me, this is anything but constructive.

Terrible - Insane Clown Posse

I had a conversation about ICP over the weekend. I can give them credit for a couple things 1. they go in their own direction be damned what the "mainstream" thinks of them and 2. the production quality is decent. Nonetheless, this song is ironically titled.