By the grace of God, Summer is over!

Boys Of Summer - The Ataris

How better to commemorate the last day of summer than on such a bad note? Suffice it to say, I'm not one for summer weather; especially considering the kind of summers we have here in Oklahoma.

Worst way to pick up women, ever!

Freaxxx - Brokencyde

If everything about this doesn't anger you, then you're obviously on the wrong website. Now, to all of those impressionable children out there: You don't have to scream like a jackass to get hot women. In fact, it'll work against you.

Drugs, booz, smokes, money, whores & the VMA's.

Alcohol - Millionaires

Tonight is MTV's Video Music Award show. To be frank, I wouldn't have known that if my wife wasn't watching. Considering I have a website dedicated to horrible music and the VMA's is Mecca for horrid, brain-freezing asinine BS I should be watching but I don't see the point. What can I learn that I don't already know? Besides, I wish not to vomit anymore than what is necessary.

So, to frame the entire show into a three minute music video, I feel this will suffice. This is from the 2008 album titled "Bling Bling Bling!" of an 'Internet popular' group of emo kids. Yeah, they've kind of got a theme that shouldn't be too hard for most people to grasp: materialism and whoreish popularity. Yeah, it fits quite well with everything spewing from MTV, right?

(Don't misunderstand me: I'm a capitalist through and through but I think this is why the terrorists hate us.)

Ironbound - Einherjer

The old-school metal-head in me finds this pretty awesome. Especially after reading the description of this band as "Viking Metal". That within itself is pure awesome!

But anyway, by metal standards this is pretty asinine and simplistic. Also the Korn-style growl lyrics has become old and over done. However, I'd love to see more done with the "Viking Metal" style. I find it an awesome idea. Maybe Sigur Rós can give it a try: for sure their style of pop isn't working out.

Sometimes people make a war - Speak

Its stuff like this that starts wars. Wasn't that how first World War started? Some Hungarian rapper killed Archduke Franz Ferdinard by telling him repetitively how nice Siberia was that time of year? That may not be completely correct. Stupid public schools!