I thought the "N" word died in 06!

Be a Nigga too - Nas

Okay, Michael Richards uses the "N" word a few times and it's an unforgivable offense but a couple years later this jackass can write a song using the word 50 times (yes, I counted) and it takes me a couple years to hear it? WTF?!?!

Now, don't even try to give me the whole, "Well you just don't understand beause you're white" line. That's the problem: I do understand and the context is what's so effed up about this song. I don't see how the use of such a string of slurs could possibly promote any concept of equality.

My little cousin on my wife's side shared this on facebook. What I found even further jacked up is I seem to upset her when I left the simple comment, "Wow, can you say misguided?". Honestly, where am I wrong?

The Ketchup Song

Aserejé - Las Ketchup

Yeah, they're hot and for that I almost enjoyed watching the video but that doesn't help the fact I feared this song was never going to end. Come on! Give us something as simple as a key change, for crying out loud! And the dance: a regurgitated, less inspiring version of the Macarena? Who were you trying to fool with that?

Day n' Night - Kid Cudi vs. Crookers

I work evenings and it's nothing like that. I even worked evenings in a grocery store back in high school and even then that almost never happen. But then again, I never used pot.

Yes we can?

The last thing I want is to have politics involved in this website but what the hell is this? Politics aside, how many times do you have to say "Yes we can" in a four and a half video?

Can we make an extremely annoying earbleed? Yes we can!