Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

I usually try not to personally attack the performers of the songs I talk about, but Avril Lavigne gets under my skin. Avril, you can't call yourself punk then turn around the next day and pose for the cover of GQ Magazine. You're not rebellious, your not punk. The only way you're alternative is by being the alternative of good. You're no different than all the crap played on Disney.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Honestly, I honestly don't intend to be a hater. That the last thing I want to be considered. I just want to ask for a little bit of intellectual honesty. That being said, let me ask this: What kind of overly produced, ear-bleeding, speaker shattering, harmonic noise polluted shit is this?

Again, I don't intend to hate. I'm holding nothing against Lady Gaga; I don't know her and who the hell am I to judge anyone? But please, can we have an honest conversation about this?

I'll be going home tonight to my Duke Ellington and Bing Crosby records after listening to what I can only describe as what a gang of monkeys would come up with after being locked in a room full of beat boxes and keyboards.

Personally, I don't entirely blame Lady Gaga for this audio abortion; this is the time of corporations. Music today is less a creative process, but instead it's put together like a cheap Korean watch. This song is a perfect example of how performers today no longer have anything to do with music. They're nothing more than an image to sell Pepsi or a cheap Korean watch.